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This site is for stories based mainly around the relationship between the characters of Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Wonder Woman (Diana), as friends, teammates and/or romantic partners.

No BMCW or SMWW fics please...None. At. All. They'll be removed.

The classic/original archive is at:

Site News

As you may have noticed, we've moved to our new server and made a few changes (with many more on the way).

The move opens up a lot of exciting options for us, but unfortunately it means it's time to pay the bill for another year.

If you enjoy the site and the community, please consider donating a couple of dollars to keep us up and running.



--Aries on 06.30.2013 03:44:42 0 Comments

Just a quick notice that we will be upgrading our hosting today and may have a couple of hours of downtime during the transition. Also we'll be doing some general maintenance and updates over the next couple of weeks which may mean we have to go offline for brief periods here and there.

If you notice any problems or have any suggestions/comments, please feel free to stop by the forums and let us know.



--Aries on 06.28.2013 03:41:50 1 Comments

So you may have noticed a slightly different look to the fan fiction section of the site.

The main reasons for the change were:

  1. To improve the look of the site (Okay, so I'm not much of a designer...)
  2. To make the site more mobile friendly.

If you notice anything not working properly or just see something that's annoying/doesn't work, please let me know. You can either leave a comment below or stop by the forums.


--Aries on 01.14.2012 20:08:38 0 Comments
08/05/14 04:48 pm
if you don't have this in your wish list put it up cause it satisfied me from new52 AU #ASSALT ON ARKHAM awesome stuff am telling ya. .
07/14/14 09:49 pm
updated the first half of the climax of Stains of Time. check it out if you wish
05/26/14 04:04 pm
sorry friends, the new chapter I've updated yesterday wasn't complete , some issues with my laptop, but now it is so you can read it ... Near apocalypse of 2012 :)
05/25/14 11:22 am
updated the most pivotal chapter of Stains of Time. Check it out if you wish.
05/23/14 11:56 pm
my first story about Near apocalypse of 2012 has a new chapter ... read it an leave comments please :)
05/21/14 03:17 pm
got nothing read... checkout my favs;)
04/22/14 09:12 am
updated the final arc to Stains of Time
04/16/14 11:12 am
damian wayne is a badass kid...#son of batman
04/16/14 11:10 am
@drummerboy... hehehe... i mixed it in my head
04/16/14 08:54 am
@martus thanks will look for it and read (i got no talent at all for writing >.<)
04/16/14 05:03 am
about to watch 'son of batman' here goes...
04/15/14 09:36 am
sorry... pc going haywire
04/15/14 09:07 am
in my head that is... anyway there is an unfinished fic by 'classiccowboy' you can fix it where ww finds bm and the others then maybe she slaps him for leaving her on the island... read it and
04/15/14 09:04 am
in my head that is... anyway there is an unfinishe fic by classiccowboy you can fix it where ww finds bm and the others then maybe she slaps him for leaving her on the island...
04/15/14 05:18 am
@drummerboy... i had to write a fic of my own to get over it...
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